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"Children at street: whose concern?"

Published On : 28th January 2017
Posted by : Prabin Karki
Category : Young People

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“Street children: a matter of serious concern” It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, like any other weekend. I decided to make the best of it by visiting my maternal uncle in Bhaktapur. Mid way at Gaushala, my bus stopped and I saw a scene on the roadside that set deep in my mind. I saw 3 kids- 2 boys, and a girl, around 10-12 years old, wandering with a big rag, collecting something. This is not the first time that I saw street children, but I don’t know why, this time the scene took me to a brainstorm. As the bus started moving, I started to think about them. Many questions raised in my mind. Who are they? Where are they from? Where ..

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"Woman who wants to be a man"

Published On : 22nd October 2016
Posted by : Aney Rijal
Category : Young People

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My name is Karim. I loved to make friends. I worked in a grocery shop as an assistant. The grocery shop was 2 hours far from my resident. It was summer at evening time. No sooner had I came out of shop to return back home than I met my old school friend whom I used to be close with. His name is Rashish and I was so amazed to meet him. He said, “Hey, how you doing? Where have you been these days? It’s being long time dude.” I nodded and replied that I was busy working and I asked if he is fine too. He affirmed my question. He asked me to join a birthday party of his girlfriend. It was already late to reach home but I was amazed to k..

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"Unseen chains"

Published On : 20th October 2016
Posted by : Shilpa Lamichhane
Category : Young People

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“Daughter, come and help me with the household chores, a lot of relatives will be visiting us for tika”, my mom requested me as well as ordered me at the same time. My father and his friends were playing a popular card game called “marriage” next to my room. At the very moment, my brother all dressed up came to mother and said, “I am going to my friend’s house to play cards and will probably stay overnight.” Without a slightest restrain, he was allowed to leave. Mother and I went to the kitchen to do the duties that we were born to do. This is the scenario that every person with a typical family can relate t..

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Nepal earthquake Two-year anniversary matching campaign

Nepal earthquake Two-year anniversary matching campaign

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Huge feeling of gratitude to our donors and well wishers. Our project "girls: better after quake" has been enlisted to be eligible to get donation along with 50% matching in Nepal earthquake Two-year anniversary matching campaign and has reached to tenth position and we are expecting to be counted f

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